Thurman & Associates

Technology and Strategic Consultants to the Banking Industry

Jerry Thurman - President

550 West Plumb Lane, Suite B-427

Reno, Nevada 89509   


Jerry Thurman has over thirty years experience in technology and computer systems, the last thirty in the financial industry. Prior to starting Thurman & Associates, which is an information systems consulting company for the financial industry, he was one of the top sales executives in the industry. He was in sales and sales management for FIserv, Mellon Bank, and Citicorp among others. He has used the consultative sales philosophy for many years. Under this philosophy one must evaluate the needs of the prospective customer and then modify the company's offering to best fit the need rather than to try and modify the customer or prospects need to fit the company's offering.

Prior to his sales positions he was in the technical and management side of various computer operations (Vice President of Operations for a computer service bureau, technical support in Houston Mission Control during the Apollo missions, and other very technical positions).

He has also given seminars on subjects such as "How to buy a data processing system", "The ten most common mistakes in selecting a data processing alternative", "Improving your bottom line through the use of technology", and "Evaluating your real needs and getting them fulfilled" at national conventions. He has also done many sales training seminars on "The buying motivation", "Sales communications - Active listening", and "Fourth generation sales - the consultative method".

He has been a guest speaker at the California Bankers Association where he spoke about the process of evaluating data processing needs as well as a guest speaker for many Western Independent Bankers meetings discussing emerging technology for the banks information systems needs.

His company, Thurman & Associates, specializes in assisting financial institutions in being more profitable through the proper use of technology. This is accomplished by analyzing their current information systems, replacing systems in part or in total, enhancing the current operation for greater efficiency, audits and compliance, or reducing expenses while retaining the current system. When appropriate, this is accomplished by using very "Bank Specific" request for proposals.

In this role, he has worked with Banks in their decisions to:

  • Implement and audit Intrusion Protection and Intrusion Detection systems
  • Design and implement Disaster Recovery sties
  • Design, Implement, and Move Data Centers.
  • Project management for acquisitions and mergers
  • Design and implement fault tolerant Wide Area Networks and network expansion
  • Design and implement Voice over I/P phone systems
  • Design and implement video conferencing systems using both secure internal I/P networks and public access
  • Outsource their data processing services
  • Change from one service provider to another
  • Streamline and retain their current In-house systems
  • Move from a traditional In-house operation to a facilities management agreement
  • Install new Branch Capture and Remote Deposit Capture Systems
  • Install electronic report distribution and workflow systems using COLD
  • Install document imaging systems

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